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Homework and Your Student


The purpose of homework is to reinforce and extend skills and concepts taught in school and to build students’ abilities to learn independently.

  • Homework provides students with opportunities to supplement work done in school and to apply their learning to the world around them.
  • Homework promotes individual responsibility and initiative.
  • Homework gives students experiences in following directions, managing time and developing good study habits, such as organizational skills and persistence.
  • Homework assignments and responsibilities can take many forms, including drill, extra practice, raising questions for study, responding to reading, collecting data, preparing special projects, and research and preparation for tests and quizzes.
  • Variety of homework assignments, open-ended activities and modifications allow for individual differences in needs, abilities and interests.

How Can You Help?

Parental support is essential in making homework a positive experience.

Parents can help their children in becoming independent and responsible learners by showing an interest in their children’s homework through guiding, encouraging and clarifying. By supporting their children in taking responsibility for completing a task from start to finish, parents can help their children develop positive attitudes toward learning and a sense of competence.

However, if difficulties or frustrations develop or if the student spends excessive amounts of time on his or her homework, these concerns should be brought to the teacher’s attention.



Read at Night

All students are required to read each and every night. The amount of time spent reading will depend on their age and grade level. A schoolwide nightly reading form is used in all classrooms at La Luz. Your child’s teacher will let you know when these forms should be returned. Keep track of your child's progress at using this Nightly Reading Homework Chart.

Start Discussions

Discuss bits and pieces of books that you read with your child. Find out about what she is reading by asking questions, “What’s happening in your book now? “ or “What are the characters like in the book you are reading?”